Fiziol. rast. genet., 2024

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Kolisnyk Kh.M., Hrytsak L.R., Drobyk N.M.
The influence of climate conditions on the content and inter­relation of photosynthetic pigments in plants of the genus Carlina L.
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Рhytohormones in growth regulation and the formation of stress resistance in cultivated cereals
Kots S.Ya., Khrapova A.V., Kukol K.P.
The effect of different proline and glycine concentrations on the growth activity of nodule bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum in vitro and the germination of soybean seeds
Kozak V.O., Pyda S.V.
Productivity of edible lentils (Lens culinaris Medik.) under the influence of microbial preparations and fungicides
Kukol K.P., Vorobey N.A., Pukhtaievych P.P., Kots T.A.
Efficiency of soybean seeds inoculation with fungicide-resistant rhizobia under pre-treatment with seed dressing agents
Morderer Ye.Yu., Yukhymuk V.V.
Recommendations for complex application of herbicides
Morgun V., Kots S.
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Formation and functioning of soybean symbiosis with nodule bacteriaunder the influense of homologous lectin and fungicides
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Influence of biological nitrogen and phosphorus on physiological processes and productivity of lentils
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Wholemeal products — the world's health strategy
Volkogon V.V.
The significance of microorganisms for soil health and optimization of the formation of biocenoses