Fiziol. rast. genet., 2022

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Information for authors (ukr.)
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In memory of Anatoly Andriyovych Bulakh
Baziuk S.O., Kobyletska M.S.
Effect of adding liquid nutrient medium at cultivation of prunus cultivar Gisela 5 under in vitro conditions
Dubrovna O.V., Slivka L.V.
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of promising genotypes of winter wheat using the ornithine-d-aminotransferase gene
Herts A.I.1, Kononchuk O.B.1, Herts N.V.1, Pidlisnyuk V.V.2, Khomenchuk V.O.1, Pyda S.V.1
Reaction of miscanthus w gi­ganteus photosynthetic apparatus to diesel pollution and soil restoration by biochar
Huliaieva H.B., Tokovenko I.P., Hnatiuk T.T., Bogdan M.M., Paty­ka V.P.
Physiological and biochemical changes in soybeen plants under influence of phytopathogenic microorganisms and presowing treat­ment of seeds with molibdenum nanochelates
Kiriziy D.A., Stasik O.O.
Effects of drought and high temperature on physiological and biochemical processes, and productivity of plants
Kolupaev Yu.E.1,2, Havva K.M.2
Molecular mechanisms of hydrogen sulfide's participation in adaptive reactions of plants
Kuryata V.G., Kuts B.O.
Peculiarities of mesostructure and pigment complex formation in leaves of scoto- and photomorphic seedlings of horse beans under the gibberellin and tebuconazole impact
Levenets T.V.1, Smirnov O.E.1.2, Taran N.Yu.1, Mykhalska L.M.2, Schwartau V.V.2
Cadmium stress in plants: toxicity and resistance mechanisms
Morgun V., Schwartau V.
The first laureates of the Boris Paton National Award of Ukraine
Mykhalska L.M., Zozulya O.L., Schwartau V.V.
Features of the interaction of succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors with microelements to increase the winter wheat productivity
Mykhalska S.I., Komisarenko A.G.
Actual directions of modern biotechnologies of wheat
Omelchuk S.V., Kyrychenko O.V., Zhemojda A.V.
Realization of symbiotic potential and productivity of soybean-rhizobia systems formed by analytically selected fungicide resistant strains of nodule bacteria under preliminary treatment of seeds with standak top
Rogach V.V.1, Kiriziy D.A.2, Kuryata V.G.1, Rogach T.I.1
Morphogenesis, photosyn­thesis, and productivity of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) under the impact of growth substances with different directions and mechanisms of action
Romanenko K.O., Babenko L.M., Kosakivska I.V.
The role of amino acids in the regulation of stress resistance of the cereal crops
Sanin O.Yu., Makoveychuk Т.I., Тre­tiakov V.O., Mykhalska L.M.
Efficiency of protection against fusariosis and productivity of winter wheat under the influence  composition of fungicides and fertilizers
Shevchenko V.V.1, Bondarenko O.Yu.1, Kornyeyev D.Yu.2
Short-term heating causes thylakoid restructuring in pea chloroplasts and modifies spectral properties of pigment-protein complexes
Vorobey N.A., Pukhtaievych P.P., Kots T.A., Kots S.Ya.
The use of the nodule bacteria as a remedy for expanding adaptive possibilities of soybean under drought conditions
Yakymchuk R.A.
Improvement of economically useful features of winter wheat under the effect of technogenic mutagenic factors of the environment
Yukhуmuk V.V., Radchenko M.P., Guralchuk Zh.Z., Morderer Ye.Yu.
Efficacy of weed control by herbicides diflufenican, metribuzin and carfentrazone when applied in winter wheat crops in autumn
Zhemojda A.V., Khrapova A.V., Omelchuk S.V., Berehovenko S.K., Kominarets O.Ye.
Features of formation, functioning and efficiency of soybean-rhizobial systems at early treatment of seeds by fungicides of various action