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Fiziol. rast. genet., 2019

50 years to the journal «Plant Physiology and Genetics» [4] 279-282
New varieties of winter wheat as a significant component of the country's grain wealth [4] 359-366
Content of Volume 51 [6] 549-551
Chizhik O.V., Reshetnikov V.N., Kondratskaya I.P. Eсо-friendly nanotechnologies: synthesis of silver nanoparticles using medicinal plants extracts [3] 258-266
Dubrovna O.V., Kulesh S.S., Slivka L.V. Optimization of conditions of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of bread wheat by the in planta [4] 283-294
Duplij V.P., Matvieieva N.A. Features of the dynamics of flavonoid accumulation in Artemisia tilesii Ledeb. [4] 308-314
Khakimzhanov A.A., Abaildaev A.О., Kuzovlev V.A. Isoenzyme composition and some properties of b-1,3-glucanase of wheat seedlings [6] 508-516
Khomenko S.O., Chugunkova T.V., Fedorenko M.V., Kuzmenko Ye.A. Using collection of durum spring wheat accessions for identification of lodging resistance sources [5] 388-398
Kiriziy D.A., Sheheda I.M. Nitrogen distribution in the source-sink system of plants and its role in the production process [2] 114-132
Kolupaev Yu.E.1,2, Kokorev A.I.1 Antioxidant system and plant resistance to water deficit [1] 28-54
Kosakivska I.V., Vasyuk V.A., Voytenko L.V. Effects of exogenous abscisic acid on seed germination and morphological characteristics of two related wheats Triticum aestivum L. and Triticum spelta L. [1] 55-66
Kosakivska I.V., Vasyuk V.A., Voytenko L.V. Effect of exogenous abscisic acid on morphological characteristics of winter wheat and spelt under hyperthermia [4] 324-337
Kosakivska I.V., Voytenko L.V., Vasyuk V.A., Vedenichova N.P., Babenko L.M., Shcherbatyuk M.M. Phytohormonal regulation of seed germination [3] 187-206
Kots S.Ya. R.A. Yakymchuk «Genetic consequences of the contamination of the environment with natural and technogenic mutagenic factors» [5] 455-458
Kots S.Ya., Gryshchuk O.O. Phytohormonal regulation of legume-rhizobium symbiosis [1] 3-27
Kots S.Ya., Mykhalkiv L.M. Nitrate reductase and its role in legume-rhizobia symbiosis [5] 371-387
Kovzunova O.V., Reshetnikov V.N. Modifiers of the metabolism of biologically active substances of the cell cultures of Silybum marianum L. of Belarus and Hungarian breeding [6] 493-509
Kyrychenko О.V. Regulatory role of glucose- and galactose-containing aminosaccharides in the realization of the symbiotic and productive potential of soybean-rhizobium symbiosis under field drought conditions [3] 241-257
Mazur T.V.1, Kondratskaya I.P.1, Stolepchenko V.A.2, Vasko P.P.2, Deeva A.M.1, Voitsekhouskaya E.A.1, Chizhik O.V.1, Priadkina G.A.3, Reshetnikov V.N.1 The use of biotechnological techniques in the creation and reproduction of the intergeneric hybrid Festulolium of the morphotype of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) with high nutritional qualities of fodder [4] 295-307
Melnykova N.M. Effect of rhizobial exopolysaccharides on soybean seed germination and nodule development in the soybean-rhizobia symbiosis [5] 436-446
Mikhyeyev O.M., Lapan O.V. The effect of cadmium ions on the growth processes of the bioplato plant component [4] 338-346
Mokrosnop V.M. The effect of light intencity on the growth of mixotrophic cultures of Euglena gracilis and photosynthetic pigments accumulation in cells [1] 76-83
Morgun V.V.1, Yakymchuk R.A.1, Azizov I.V.2 Peculiarities of the mechanisms of spontaneous, and induced by ionizing radiation and chemical factors mutagenesis [6] 463-481
Mykhalska L.M., Makoveychuk T.I., Schwartau V.V. Application of fertilizer megafol and retardants of acylcyclohexadione class on winter wheat crops [6] 541-548
Mykhalska L.M., Schwartau V.V., Sanin O.Yu., Tretyakov V.O. Content of inorganic elements in winter wheat grain when controlling fusarium [5] 399-414
Omelchuk S.V., Yakymchuk R.A. Efficacy of soybean-rhizobia symbiosis under the influence of fungicide acanto plus [5] 447-454
Patyka V.P.1, Huliaieva H.B.1, Bohdan M.M.1, Tokovenko I.P.1, Pasichnyk L.A.1, Patyka M.V.2, Maksin V.I.2, Kaplunenko V.G.2 Phytohormone ratio and photosynthetic activity of bread wheat plants under the effect of bioactive substances [2] 133-146
Pavlyshche A.V., Zhemojda A.V., Kiriziy D.A., Rybachenko L.I. The functio­ning of the symbiotic and photosynthetic apparatus of soya under the influence of chemical agents with fungicidal action and exogenic lectin [6] 517-528
Prysiazhniuk L.M., Chernii S.O., Tahantsova M.M., Tkachyk S.O. Application of ssr markers for the estimation of maize polymorphism (Zea mays L.) in examination on distinctness, uniformity, stability [6] 529-540
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