Fiziol. rast. genet., 2018, no. 5

Kondratskaya I.P., Uzhimyk A.N., Stolepchenko V.A., Chizhik O.V., Belyaj M.O., Vasko P.P., Reshetnikov V.N.
Physiologycal-biochemical and molecular-genetic characteristics of intergeneric hybrid of Agropyron cristatum L. with Lolium perenne L.
Rybachenko L.I., Kots S.Ya., Melnik V.M., Rybachenko O.R.
Response of different efficiency symbiotic systems on drought and use of the exogenous lectin as an protector of its negative action
Khomenko I.M., Kosyk O.I., Taran N.Yu.
Сadmium and essential metal nanoparticles influence on the antioxidant metabolism parameters of lettuce plants
Kovzunova O.V., Reshetnikov V.N.
In vitro cultivation of Silybum marianum L. belarusian and hungarian breeding
Krugliak Yu.M.
The investigation Deutzia Thunb. genus stomata in relation whith their drought resistance in conditions of the northen part of the forest-steppe of Ukraine
Tigova A.V., Soroka A.I.
Direction of inherited changes in flax (Linum humile Mill.) under the action of new dimethyl sulfate derivatives
Oliinyk T.M., Zakharchuk N.A.
Development of elements of in vitro technology for the selection of drought-resistant potato regenerants
Kots S.Ya.
N.P. Vedenicheva, I.V. Kosakivska «Cytokinins as regulators of plant ontogenesis under different growth conditions»
The grain abundance of the nation — is a goal of scientific research. Report of Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.V. Morgun at General Meeting of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the occasion of the handing of V.I. Vernadsky Gold medal